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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Forever Comfy.. Comfy? Hmm..

Hi..  My name is Jan..
I am.. An Informercial Product Addict..
I could spend a fortune on these
convenient, fantastic products..
No..  Seriously..
A fortune..
Pasta Cookers..
Forever Comfy Cushions..
The list could go on and on and on and..
You guessed it..  On.
My friend gave me a small sized Schticky..
Does it really work?  Umm..
It does if you continually clean it..
One swipe and it's ready to clean..
Would I buy more?  Not really..
I have seen many a Pasta Cooker
sitting abandoned in thrift stores..
Would I run out and buy one?
Not after seeing so many given up..  Lol..
Now?  I've been searching high and low
for a Forever Comfy Cushion around town..
WalMart, Target, Walgreens, CVS...
Anywhere that might sell informercial products..
No luck! 
We had a Books Are Fun sale at work today..
I browsed through the book titles..  Nothing caught my eye..
I browsed through some of the gadgets and gizmos..
Just as I turned around..
What should I happen to see??
A Forever Comfy Cushion!
There!  At work!  For sale!
Within my reach?!
Did I get it??
Ooooh yeah!
Yes I did!
Was it comfy?
Forever Comfy?
Not really.
My chair was a little more comfortable..
For a minute or two.
It still wore my tailbone out after a bit.
I kept having to move and adjust
how I was sitting.
I'm glad that I didn't order one online
like I thought I was going to have to.
Am I still an Informercial Product Addict?
You betcha!!
Think I might get hooked up
with the local Fox News
"Try It Before You Buy It"
group though.

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