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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Ohh My!

Tyco had their Bring Your Child to Work Day
and had some face painters there.
Started to wonder who was
actually painting
the kids faces.
A couple of them looked like they had a unibrow,
one looked like he had raccoon eyes
and another just had a whole
lotta black that looked
like a face mask.
We kinda thought the conversation went like this..
"I wanna lion!"
"Ohh. Aww."
"I wanna tiger!"
"Ohh. Aww."
"I wanna bear!"
We did finally see some better face paintings
that had butterflies and other designs though..
On another note..
We are tanking big time in our efforts to get all
our agents to their third evaluation.
Should be interesting.
Three people working and 170+
agents to go.  Doesn't look good.
On another note..
Speakin of Lions!
After four great seasons as a
Lindenwood Lion in St. Charles, MO,
my friend's son might get picked up
in the 7th round of the NFL draft this year.
He's had private workouts with the
Steelers, Giants and Chiefs,
as well as "combines" where players
show what they can do in front of scouts.
The first combine had 36 scouts,
while the second had over 90.
Go Andy!!!!
On another note..
We had the KC Corporate Challenge Kickoff Party
and walk today..  Walked the 5K course
with my co-workers and friends
and had a great time doing it..
Glad it's over though because I am worn
to a frazzle and have another early day tomorrow.
(I didn't make it in to work until 6am this mornin,
it was crazy thinking that I'd get there by 3am. Whew!)
 Representing Tyco Integrated Security..
I even got a gold medal!
Ok.  So did everyone else for getting our
Corporate team participation points.  Lol.
And we got to hobnob and hang out down
by the Chiefs Stadium,
which was fitting considering this was
the first night of the NFL Draft.
KC picked Eric Fischer as the top pick in the league.
Welcome to KC!  : )..
And now..  Some sleep..

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