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Thursday, October 10, 2013

2nd 1800-0230 shift tonight..

I made it through last night's late evening shift with
minimal caffeine, but a few pieces of candy,
including Snickers Mini-bars.
We are having customer service week at work,
so last night we got to spin a wheel
for prizes and I got a couple
bags of some pretty good goodies.
They came in handy.
I came home,
made Dutch's lunch for today,
let the dogs out,
let the dogs in.
Crashed for the early morning.
Got up.
Let the dogs out.
Let the dogs in.
Ate breakfast.
Watched tv.
Let the dogs out.
Let the dogs in.
Played with Emmy.
Played with Milo.
Played with Fergus.
Got bit by Fergus,
the resource guarder.
Thought my wrist was broken for a minute.
Howled in pain for a while.
Convinced Fergus I was ok.
Took a nap.
And am up, ready for another late evening shift.
Still better than getting up and being at work at 0500.
Even with the bite.
: /..

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